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On The Geaux Wet Towels  (On the Go Wet towels)
On The Geaux Wet Towels (On the Go Wet towels)
Clean up! Cool down!
Quick clean up!
Quick clean up!
 : On The Geaux Wet Towels while on the go!
On The Geaux Wet Towels while on the go!
Welcome to our On The Geaux Wet Towels website!
Our On The Geaux Wet Towels(pronounced On The GO Wet Towels!)we  are prefect for the on the go and fast pace lifestyles. They are not like the usual paper wet wipe! Made of 100% cotton On The Geaux Wet Towels are the sensible and cost effective alternative to disposable wet wipes, cooling towels and towelettes. They are far better at cleaning your little ones messy hands and faces then those other baby wipes. Hand sanitizer has been known to irritate little ones skin. Our pre-moistened towels are excellent as body cleansers, adult wet wipes and personalized wet towels. They are useful as industrial wet towels for all kinds of businesses. Because our wet towels are made of 100% cotton, they are gentle enough for baby bottoms and  as facial  cleansing wipes . When finished simply toss the soiled wet towels into the laundry! Yes,they are washable and reusable! Our towels are individually wrapped ready to put into your pocket or purse when heading out of the door. 
On The Geaux Wet Towels has been listening to what people have to say about an convenient on the go wipe and we’ve responded. On The Geaux Wet Towels is the one product that you’ve been asking for and we’ve got it.  Perfect for festivals, state or county fairs, sporting events, family outings, picnics, traveling, hunting, fishing, golfing and other outdoor activities.
Allow us to grow and share this new product with you.
Thank you,
 On The Geaux Wet Towels Team
VA Certified Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business!
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